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Automatic Pet Feeder

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the feeder only serve meals at set times or can I program it to feed when I want?
All of our Pet Mate Automatic Feeders feature easy-to-use programmable meal timers which can be set to feed at the times you require - they are not set to fixed intervals like other automatic feeders.
How many meals does each of the feeders provide?
  • C10 Pet Feeder (Ref. 205) - serves 1 meal of up to 450g (1lb) over a maximum period of 24 hours.
  • C20 Pet Feeder (Ref. 201) - serves 2 meals of up to 450g (1lb) each over a maximum period of 48 hours.
  • C50 Pet Feeder (Ref. 212) - serves 5 meals of up to 300g (10oz) each over a maxiumum period of 90 hours.
  • C3000 / D3000 Dry Food Feeder (Ref. 347 / 347D)
    a) 'Standard' mode - dispenses up to 3 individually sized meals from a minimum of approximately 10g (3 tsp) every 24 hours, with a maximum 3kg (6.5lbs) dry food capacity - approximately 1 month for 1 cat.
    b) 'Frequent Feed' mode - dispenses your pets' recommended daily dry food allowance in single units of approximately 10g (3 tsp) at regular intervals between a programmed start and finish time. This function is designed for pets with specific dietary requirements or if you are wishing to regulate the speed of your pet's food intake.
How long will the batteries last?
  • C10 / C20 / C50 Pet Feeders - over 1 year's continuous use from 1 x 'AA' battery.
  • C3000 / D3000 Dry Food Pet Feeder - 6 to 9 months continuous use from 4 x 'C' batteries..
Are the feeders easy to clean?
Yes, all food-safe components on all of our pet feeders, including lids and bowls, are easy to clean and may be put in a dishwasher. All other parts may be cleaned using a cloth dampened with water.
What type of foods can I feed with the Pet Mate Automatic Feeders?
All of our pet feeders are suitable for use with all cat and small dog dry foods. The Cat Mate C10, C20 and C50 models are suitable for all types of food - the C20 and C50 are supplied with ice packs to help keep the food fresh.
Will my pet be able to interfere with the feeder and get to the food before the programmed meal time?
All feeders are designed to be as secure and tamper-proof as possible and will dispense/serve food only when the timer allows. In addition, for overly vigorous cats and small dogs, all feeders can be easily fastened to a wooden board for extra stability.
Are the feeders just for when I am out for the day or weekend?
At Pet Mate we use the 'small and often' principal, our automatic feeders can be invaluable items for many different occasions. These could include pets that require regular meals for medical reasons, when a medication/food mix has to be served at a set time, or for very young kittens and puppies. Specifically, the Cat Mate C3000 & Dog Mate D3000 Dry Food Feeders have been developed with your pet's wellbeing in mind - accurately dispensing your pet's recommended daily dry food allowance in order to minimise the health risks and costs of overfeeding. For pets with specific dietary requirements (e.g. diabetes) the C3000 & D3000 may be set to 'frequent feed' mode, which will dispense a programmed meal at regular intervals over a longer period of time, as detailed above.
Do Pet Mate Automatic Feeders come with any guarantee?
As with all Pet Mate products, all automatic pet feeder models are manufactured to exacting standards, using the best quality materials and come with Pet Mate's renowned 3 year guarantee.


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